….and slightly terrifying!

Good day folks. I think it’s time I started writing a blog since I spent so much on this website ha. But seriously, hello. My name is Gerry Norman. I’m the front man of A Plastic Rose and I’ve always dreamed of recording a solo record. APR is still a huge part of my life but I just needed to do this right now, however, I don’t feel my days of screaming into a mic are over just yet. Before I ever picked up an electric guitar and turned it up to 11 I was always writing acoustic songs and I’ve never stopped. TBH I’m not really sure how I ended up in a rock band but I did and I like it. I’ve literally written hundreds of acoustic songs so it was time I took the leap and got some recorded which I have now done and I’m excited as hell! If you’re reading this then you’re clearly on this journey with me and for that I thank you, you beautiful human.

The name Tour Alaska came from overhearing my wife talking to an old school friend and I just liked how it sounded. It’s not deep or meaningful or poetic, I’m sorry. It has nothing to do with touring alaska, however, if the NI and Alaskan tourism boards ever wana make it happen I’m on the flight! I hear it’s lovely.

This is very new for me and slightly terrifying as I’ve always been the singer of a band rather than a solo artist and it feels completely different and weird but fuckin awesome at the same time. In saying that I will be working with some incredible musicians to help bring the record to life on the live stage. People like Jordan Farndell on violin who is an absolute whizz on the fiddle and a top guy. He has his own FB page go give it a like and check out his videos he’s unreal. We played a gig in Fealty’s, Bangor last week as part of Ward Park Free which was curated by the legends that are Snow Patrol and it was a dream. The amazing Ciara O’Neill joined us for the 1st time on backing vocals and we got a flipping standing ovation which took us all by surprise. Again, Ciara has her own solo career so please check out her albums she has a voice to die for.

Up to now Tour Alaska have released 3 songs ‘I Bit The Bullet’, ‘Monster’ and ‘God Help You If You Look At Her Wrong’ and I’ve been truly humbled by the response so far. They’ve been played on national radio and I’ve been a guest on both BBC Across The Line and The Gerry Kelly Show. The support I’ve received for my music from BBC Ulster has been relentless for many years.

There is a lot more to come and I can’t wait for you to hear. If you’d like to help out then you can simply spread the word across your social media accounts. For an independent artist you wouldn’t believe how important every single, ‘like’, ‘share’, comment, ‘RT’, stream or watch is. Honestly, there is no secret fancy way to get the word out it’s totally up to you guys. This is a completely self financed venture so it really does mean a lot. No holidays for the Normans this year again…(sorry Marian). Make a Spotify playlist and add on of my tracks or just tell you mates to listen. It’s simple but very effective.

My next show is on Raithlin Island June 22nd I’d love for you to join us. ticket info is in the ‘shows’ section of the website!

Oh hey what do ya think of the website? I did it all my self! Can I add ‘website designer’ to my CV? Maybe not. Anywho, I’me gonna start blogging a bit so check back here every now and then and come along on this journey with me.


Gerry X

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